So You Bought A New Phone? What Next?

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 Mar 16th, 2021 by mariromanack

Modified Dec 2nd, 2021 at 2:41 pm

By: Mark Romanack

At Precision Trolling Data we get a lot of questions every day. Questions from our customers comes with the territory when you’re the original and best selling trolling app in the world.

Hands down, the most common question we get pertains to customers who have purchased new phones and want to download the app data they have previously purchased to their new phone. In most cases this is a simple and seamless experience.

It’s important to understand that once an angler purchases data from the Precision Trolling Data app, they own that data and can transfer it to as many phones or like devices that share the same Google or Apple ID. The key words here are “like devices” because it’s not possible to transfer app data from an Android phone or device to an Apple phone or device. The reason apps do not transfer between phone platforms is because the respective phone companies will not share personal information provided during the sale of the app.

When a customer purchases lure data from the PTD app it is called an In-App purchase. Customers are actually purchasing the lure data from either th Google Play or Apple App Store respectively.  In turn, after the purchase Google or Apple pays Precision Trolling Data a percentage of the sale price.

So when a customer buys a new phone, to transfer the PTD data they own to the new device requires using the same Apple or Google Play ID they used when making the purchase. Often we encounter customers who are confused as to what their ID is and how to find that information if they can’t remember the specifics.

In this case PTD can’t help because the personal information used when purchasing the app is not shared with us. However, if the customer contacts either Google or Apple they can determine the ID that was used for the purchase.


The following step by step procedure will make it easy for customers to restore purchases when purchasing a new phone or when new data is added to the app.

  • How To Restore
  • This assumes you did not switch from Apple to Android or Android to Apple.
  • Purchases made in one store are not transferable to the other.  Your app will continue to work on the device type you originally purchased it for.
  • To restore purchases
  • Delete the app
  • Power your phone down
  • Power your phone back up
  • Check that your user  ID is the same as when you made your purchase (in app purchases are tied to the ID that made them)
  • Android (google accounts) iOS (iTunes)
  • Then reinstall the app
  • Open the app
  • Go to the store page in the app
  • Let updates complete
  • Once prices show click restore
  • Click only once
  • Do not leave the app
  • Should see a progress bar at top moving
  • Should take no more than 5 minutes.

If you get no purchases found you are probably not using the correct ID. You will need to contact Google or apple for help.


So what options does a PTD customer have when they make the decision to change phone platforms? While the PTD data can not be transferred from one phone platform to the other, anglers have some options they can use to continue using the PTD data.

If you keep the phone or device originally used to purchase the PTD data, new purchases or updates can continue to be downloaded to that phone or device so long as the owner desires by simply using the same ID information used when purchasing the app.

For customers who traded their phone when buying a new phone PTD has often advised customers to purchase an inexpensive tablet or used iPad that can be used to download the PTD data. In turn this device can be used to carry the PTD data with them in the boat and also used to purchase new data or download updates for our LifeTime app customers.

The other option is to repurchase the PTD app and start over with a new phone platform. For customers who have only purchased a few respective Dive Curves, this option is no big deal. Of course for customers who purchased the LifeTime app option and then switched phone platforms, there is nothing PTD can do to transfer the data from one phone platform to another.


The PTD app is a constantly changing data source. Every year new lures and trolling devices are tested and that information is subsequently added to the app. For this very reason, many of our customers opt for the LifeTime app option that allows them to get future updates at no additional cost for the life of the app.