About Precision Trolling


Welcome to the home of Precision Trolling Data, LLC. Precision Trolling combines both the art and science of trolling into the ultimate depth control form of fishing. Regardless of what species an angler might be targeting or what lure he or she may be trolling with, the fundamental question on the mind of all trollers is “how deep does that dive”?

Without this critical piece of fishing information anglers are literally trolling blind or using time consuming trial and error methods to determine the most productive lead lengths and trolling speeds. The Precision Trolling Data staff uses modern scuba diving techniques to document, confirm and also replicate the actual diving depth of popular crankbaits, diving planers, sinking lines like lead core and a host of other common trolling devices.

The Process

Each crankbait or trolling device is unique and has it’s own dive profile. Lures and trolling hardware are tested by trolling past a scuba diver using a series of lead lengths to determine the natural diving ability of a lure or device. This dive profile was originally dubbed a “Dive Curve” more than two decades ago when Precision Trolling first started publishing their findings in graph formate within the landmark book Crankbaits In-Depth and later the Precision Trolling, Precision Trolling Big Water Edition and Precision Casting books series.

During the testing process, the variables associated with trolling including line diameter, line type, lead length and trolling speed are closely monitored to establish a set of standards that are easily duplicated by any angler who wishes to get the most from Precision Trolling Data.

Our History

Precision Trolling Data, LLC does not sell fishing lures or trolling devices. Prior to developing phone apps with the Precision Trolling Data, this information was sold in a series of books including Precision Trolling, Precision Casting and Precision Trolling Big Water Edition. Often referred to as the “Troller’s Bible”, these publications ultimately went out of print. Because Precision Trolling Data is constantly testing new lures and creating new data, updating printed books is impractical. Instead, PTD offers this information in a digital format on mobile apps. Mobile device apps are the best possible way of selling and marketing this invaluable fishing information to the masses.

All of Precision Trolling Data information, whether in written or app, is protected by Copyright.

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