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How To Transfer/Update/Restore The Precision Trolling Data App To Your Device

Published Sep 22nd, 2022

The following step-by-step procedure will make it easy for customers to restore purchased Precision Trolling Data apps when transferring or updating your device.  It’s important to understand that your app purchases are made from your Apple or Google Play account and connected to that ID. Like all in-store app purchases, your data can only be […]

Lead Core & Boards

Published Apr 25th, 2022

The Precision Trolling Data app features lead core data. Certain devices have been tested and we continue to add more choices. This data appears in the “line choice” option for respective lures. For a complete list of data available see

Crankbaits, Love Them Or Hate Them

Published Apr 25th, 2022

I doubt anyone out there appreciates crankbaits more than the staff of Precision Trolling Data. Besides having a passion for fishing crankbaits, our team spends countless hours testing a wide variety of baits to determine the diving depth of popular lures. Literally everyone who has trolled with a crankbait asks themselves the question — how […]

Depth Control Is A Snap

Published Apr 25th, 2022

Ask any angler who trolls a lot and they will willingly admit that being consistently successful is about putting your baits where the fish are. Depth control is everything in trolling because depth control is how trollers insure their presentations are close enough to the fish to elicit a strike.If that statement seems overly simplistic, […]

Trolling Speed Matters…Or Does It?

Published Apr 25th, 2022

The most common question we get at Precision Trolling Data is why is there no trolling speed indicated on many of the lures featured in the app? In the Precision Trolling Data app a number of different lures and trolling devices are featured. The items that are speed dependent in regards to depth do feature […]

Calibrating Line Counter Reels

Published Apr 25th, 2022

     One of the most common questions we encounter involves line counter reels. Do I really need to calibrate my line counter reels and if so how is the best way to accomplish this goal? The process of calibrating line counter reels so that every reel an angler has on his or her boat contains […]

Trolling Lines In-Depth

Published Apr 25th, 2022

Trolling is a popular walleye presentation and also a fishing method practiced with a wide variety of fishing lines. The problem is, most fishing lines don’t have the necessary properties to make them “good” for the job. Understanding what constitutes the ideal trolling line is an important part of refining this popular presentation….

Is Precision Trolling Available In A Printed Version?

Published Apr 25th, 2022

We stopped printing in 2008. Precision Trolling Data has  accumulated an enormous amount of data and it was not cost effective to print any longer. We are able to update and add data more quickly in an electronic format. Contact Precision Trolling Data, LLC at [email protected] Now Available on Apple and Android

So You Bought A New Phone? What Next?

Published Mar 16th, 2021

By: Mark Romanack At Precision Trolling Data we get a lot of questions every day. Questions from our customers comes with the territory when you’re the original and best selling trolling app in the world. Hands down, the most common question we get pertains to customers who have purchased new phones and want to download […]

Fluorocarbon vs Monofilament As Main Line

Published Aug 20th, 2020

Mark Romanack For some trolling applications in clear water, using fluorocarbon as the main line makes a lot of sense. While fluorocarbon sinks it does so very slowly and doesn’t impact on the trolling depth of crankbaits and other gear. What fluorocarbon does do is disappear in clear water making it a favorite of trout […]

Understanding Line Types & Diameters

Published Aug 20th, 2020

Mark Romanack The Precision Trolling Data apps incorporate a number of different line types and diameters. For most crankbaits the line featured in the PTD apps is 10 pound test (.0135 diameter) Berkley XT monofilament line and also 10/4 Berkley Fireline super line. Both of these lines are highly popular among serious trollers. Because 10/4 […]

Modern Understanding of Trolling Speed

Published Aug 20th, 2020

Mark Romanack Next to target depth, the most important variable associated with trolling can be summed up in two words… boat speed. Understanding trolling speed is essential for anglers who plan to mix two or more common fishing presentations in the same trolling pattern. It’s true that understanding what trolling speeds produce best with specific […]

The 50 Plus 2 Method

Published Aug 20th, 2020

Mark Romanack Just in time for spring fishing, Precision Trolling Data, LLC is proud to announce a whole new wave of data that involves using diving crankbaits with the Off Shore Tackle two ounce Snap Weight. We’re calling this new trolling system the 50 Plus 2 Method. Like other popular trolling systems introduced by Precision […]