How To Transfer/Update/Restore The Precision Trolling Data App To Your Device

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 Sep 22nd, 2022 by sworrall

Modified Sep 22nd, 2022 at 9:06 pm

The following step-by-step procedure will make it easy for customers to restore purchased Precision Trolling Data apps when transferring or updating your device. 

It’s important to understand that your app purchases are made from your Apple or Google Play account and connected to that ID. Like all in-store app purchases, your data can only be transferred to a new device using the same ID. The app store does NOT share any of your personal data with Precision Trolling Data including purchase history. Your original purchase was made from the Apple or Google Play App Store. Your receipt can be located in your App Store purchase history associated with your ID. 

To restore PTD apps and purchases

Be sure to have a solid wifi connection and are plugged into power.

Delete the existing Precision Trolling Data app from your device and reboot the device to reset the computer.

Launch your App Store on your device. Search and download the Precision Trolling Data app. 

Google Play Store (Android) or Apple App Store (iOS) 

Launch PTD app. At this point, your device may request you to enter your password for your Google or App account associated with your device. Follow prompts and continue.

Inside the PTD app, Go to the Store tab in the top right corner and click on it. The system will look for any data. Allow all Store prices to load. and any updates. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the RESTORE tab. Click it ONCE!

A Progress bar will show download status. Do NOT leave this page until download is complete. 

Should take no more than 5 minutes. Follow any additional prompts to continue.

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If you get no purchases found you are probably not using the correct ID. We have no customer info. You will need to contact Google or Apple Support for help.