The 50 Plus 2 Method

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 Aug 20th, 2020 by markromanack

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Mark Romanack

Just in time for spring fishing, Precision Trolling Data, LLC is proud to announce a whole new wave of data that involves using diving crankbaits with the Off Shore Tackle two ounce Snap Weight. We’re calling this new trolling system the 50 Plus 2 Method.

Like other popular trolling systems introduced by Precision Trolling Data, the new 50 Plus 2 Method is built upon an important group of standards that must be matched to get the most from this new data. Those standards include using 10 pound test Berkley XT monofilament or equivalent (.0135 diameter) as the main line, a two ounce Off Shore Tackle Guppy Weight and a fixed leader length of 50 feet.

This animation does an excellent job of explaining the variable associated with the Precision Trolling Data, llc 50 Plus 2 Method.


*Apple Users: Be sure your App is updated from the Apple App Store as of 4-14-18 and that it is running 4.0.

*Android Users: Will work on current App. We are working on a new App Update for the additional features like the “Favorites List”.

Because the 50 Plus 2 method is depth data based on using specific diving crankbait models, a two ounce trolling weight, a fixed lead length, varying dropper lengths and two different trolling speeds there are no “substitutions” in this information. The 50 Plus 2 Method starts by selecting one of the 16 crankbaits currently available with Snap Weight data and letting that lure back the designated 50 foot as a fixed leader. Next the two ounce OST Guppy Weight is attached to the line. Next the angler can play out additional “dropper leads” up to 100 feet of dropper lead or a total lead of 150 feet back. The “dropper lead” is the secondary lead length played out after the Snap Weight is added to the line. Lastly, anglers can choose from two trolling speeds including 1.5 MPH and 2.5 MPH. Other trolling speeds will be added as time allows.


Currently PTD has tested 16 different popular crankbaits in combination with the two ounce OST Snap Weight including the Bandit Deep Walleye 5/8, Berkley Flicker Shad No. 7, Berkley Flicker Minnow No. 5, 7, 9, and 11, Rapala Deep Husky Jerk No. 12, Rapala Deep Taildancer TDD No. 11, Rapala Husky Jerk 14, Rapala Original Floating F18, Rapala Shad Rap SR7, Reef Runner Deep Diver 800, Smithwick Perfect 10 Rogue, Smithwick Top 20 Rogue, Storm Deep Jr. ThunderStick 13 and Yakima Mag Lip 3.5.

As time allows, this list of lures will be expanded to include other popular diving crankbaits. The original 16 lures represents a good cross section of popular lures including stickbaits, diving minnows, shad baits and high action wobblers.


The 50 Plus 2 Method was tested using the Off Shore Tackle two ounce Guppy Weight. Using other styles of trolling weights will undoubtedly alter the data. The staff of PTD recommends using the popular Off Shore Tackle Guppy Weights.


The 50 Plus 2 Method testing was conducted using Berkley 10 pound test XT monofilament. Anglers who are using an equivalent line type and diameter will experience identical results. Anglers can also use fluorocarbon and super braid lines as the main line so long as the line diameter matches the .0135 diameter test line used by PTD.


A quick comparison between the 1.5 MPH and 2.5 MPH data confirms that speed does matter a great deal when trolling crankbaits in combination with weight systems such as the OST Snap Weight. Precision Trolling Data uses a kicker motor equipped with a digital throttle control and the Pinpoint guided MotorGuide Xi5 wireless electric motor to precisely control trolling speeds during testing. Variances in trolling speed as little as .2 MPH can and do make a difference in how deep these respective crankbaits will dive when using the 50 Plus 2 Method.

Anglers are advised to pay particular attention to trolling speed and to adhere to the posted trolling speeds involved in the 50 Plus 2 Method.


Anglers who have purchased the “LifeTime” app package will automatically get the new 50 Plus 2 Method data at no additional cost. Touch the information tab inside the Apple app to confirm you have Release 4.0. If not, update to the Release 4.0 in the Apple App Store and open your PTD app. To check for new data simply touch the Store tab and the app will look for new data to download.

If Android app users are not seeing the 50 Plus 2 Method data, they can reboot their devices or reinstall the app and restore their purchases (must have Google ID & password handy). We are currently working on an App update to add the features like “Favorites” as well as correct some known bug errors. Watch for that over the coarse of the next few weeks.


Any of the 16 baits included in the 50 Plus 2 Method can be purchased individually for $2.99. This price represents an increase of $1.00 per lure because of the additional data involved including 10 pound test monofilament, 10/4 Fireline and also the 50 Plus 2 Method data.

If a PTD app customers already owns individual lure data for any of the 16 lures included in the 50 Plus 2 Method, they will receive the new Snap Weight data at no additional cost. The 50 Plus 2 Method data appears in the “Line Type” (Click to Change) portion of the PTD app.


Precision Trolling Data will continue to add Snap Weight data in combination with lures as time allows. The original 16 baits were selected based on app sales data. The next batch of test baits will flesh out the original 16 baits by expanding on the shad, jerkbait and high action wobbling categories.


The new 50 Plus 2 Method represents some of the most technically challenging, yet interesting and useful data ever produced at PTD. While it takes considerably more time and money to collect and document this data, anyone who has ever added a trolling weight to get their baits deeper will immediately understand and appreciate the value of this new trolling information.

Not only does the 50 Plus 2 Method provide anglers incredibly accurate depth data, using Snap Weights also allows anglers to fish at deeper depths while using shorter overall trolling leads. Shorter trolling leads are more efficient and the best way to get more fish in the boat.

Now that the 50 Plus 2 Method has been released, it opens up a host of questions as to how best to use this data. As always, anglers are welcome to address specific questions to the web page. Everyone at PTD is looking forward to expanding on the Precision Trolling Data, llc 50 Plus 2 Method and also getting invaluable feedback from our avid customers.